About Us

Providing Air Cargo Charter Solutions is our business.


Air Charter Authority is a company made up of aviation and logistics professionals that specialize in providing cargo aircraft charter services.   Upon contacting us our clients gain full access to thousands of cargo aircraft around the globe, ranging from a small single engine Cessna to the largest aircraft on earth, the Antonov 225.  We accomplish this by maintaining relationships with aircraft operators around the world, staying up-to-date with industry trends (current fuel prices, airport data, regulations, etc) and the around the clock tracking of current aircraft locations and availability.


Our diverse client base includes representatives from airlines, freight forwarders, governments, non government agencies, brokers, general sales agents, etc.  No matter what industry you represent, our dedicated charter team is ready to be your partner, serving as a value added extension of your business.





DEDICATION –  We love what we do.  Our carefully selected staff is made up of aviation enthusiasts from various logistics and aviation backgrounds.  Our abilities, combined with a commitment to understanding our customers’ requirements, drive us at all times to provide industry leading service.


LOYALTY – We seek out, cultivate, and respect mutually rewarding loyalty based relationships with clients, employees, vendors, airlines, airports, handling agents, and all other parties we associate with. We rely on providing excellent communication and service every time to further these relationships  


INNOVATION –  We embrace modern technology. We have adopted a customized IT system of quality control for all charter related processes.  We engage in and make sure our staff remains interconnected.  We are always looking for ways to improve service and increase efficiency.


INTEGRATION –  We pride ourselves on streamlining the aircraft chartering process. We excel in working with customers to first identify their needs and than apply a focused effort to find optimal solutions. Our job is to make chartering aircraft easier.  We emphasize customer satisfaction and tangible results.


TEAMWORK–  With decades of combined aviation knowledge our team consists of air charter industry personnel who have conducted thousands of charters.  Our collective knowledge ensures the best solution every time.