What is a Cargo Aircraft Charter?


In General, there are two types of cargo aircraft flights:


1. A Scheduled Service Flight, the more common of the two, is a flight performed by an airline according to a published scheduled of departures and arrivals for which cargo hold space is sold. This is comparable to a city bus traveling the same daily route, with the bus being equivalent to a scheduled aircraft and cargo hold space being equivalent to a single seat.


2. A Cargo Aircraft Charter Flight, the service Air Charter Authority specializes in offering, is the utilization of an entire aircraft, on one or multiple flights, where by the aircraft type, origin and departure airports are chosen based on a clients requirements. Charter is equivalent to a city taxi picking one up from an airport and taking them to their home. Charter flights require much more care than most scheduled flights.


How is Air Charter Authority different from an Airline?


An airline is limited to the aircraft in their own fleet. As brokers, Air Charter Authority is an  independent entity that can draw from thousands of aircraft worldwide to arrange, secure and negotiate the fastest and most cost effective charter solutions possible.  Working as intermediaries we provide value added solutions and savings through our knowledge. We also see the big picture of the global air charter market and industry trends, that allow cost saving opportunities, such as One-Way charters.


When does it make sense to request a charter rate?


Please contact us if you are not sure. There are many factors that determine whether a cargo charter flight is an appropriate solution, for example time urgency, remote location, security, out-sized freight, supply shortages, etc.  A cargo aircraft charter is a value added service in which the benefits must out way the alternatives.


What regions of the world can Air Charter Authority offer charter solutions?


We can offer charter solutions originating from, within and destined to all regions of the world, subject to laws of individual states, adequate infrastructure, etc.


Which types of freighter aircraft are available for charter?


We can offer a hundred plus different types of freighter aircraft. Freighter aircraft tend to be region specific. In other words, aircraft types that are common in one region of the world can be quite different to aircraft types that are common in other regions of the world.  For more information on common freighter aircraft types click here.


What information is required for a quotation?


Your Air Charter Manager will ask you to provide as much information as you can about your shipment. Accurate reporting of the following information is required for all charter shipments.

  • Departure Date
  • Route (Origin City / Destination City)
  • Type of Cargo (is it special? DG? High Value?) 
  • Description of Cargo
  • Piece Count
  • Weight (per piece)
  • Dimensions (per piece)