How We Work


For any type of charter requirement our knowledgeable staff of trustworthy and reliable charter experts is ready to assist.

Step 1 – Charter Request

Once you have submitted a request you will be matched up with an Air Charter Authority Team, along with primary point of contact, who will be your Charter Manager and that will work with you throughout the charter process.  Our expert charter team will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Step 2 – Team Analysis

After our team has reviewed and analyzed your shipments requirement, we will engage in a team discussion specifically taking into account variables like cargo type, payload, timeline, aircraft type or types, traffic rights, airport infrastructure, slots, curfews etc.  Then we will work with our comprehensive network of charter carriers, special load experts and strategic partners to ensure all viable options have been explored.

Step 3 – Charter Proposal

As soon as we have an option we will submit an initial proposal and reach out to you to discuss the details of it. We will continue to check for other alternate solutions. Throughout this phase, our team will ensure you have the information you require so that you can make the right decision.

Step 4 – Agreement

You decide to proceed with the aircraft charter and an agreement is made between you and Air Charter Authority.

Step 5 – Pre-Flight Organization

Your Charter Team will provide you with a comprehensive charter information itinerary outlining all pertinent details of your cargo charter flight including aircraft information, flight schedules’, handling info, etc.  In addition your Charter Manager will provide additional charter advice on packaging requirements, customs, warehousing, and will assist with the coordination of special equipment including cranes, loaders and custom built loading structures.

Step 6 – Flight Tracking

Your Charter Team will provide you with live charter movement up-dates for each sector of your charter flight, from positioning leg to off-load. This will be accomplished via your preferred method of communication.

Post Flight

Upon the completion of your cargo charter flight, we will request your feedback and send you a post flight report summarizing the charter for your records.