Air Charter Authority provides charter solutions internationally and domestically. Our staff is always on standby to quickly and accurately provide our customers with answers, solutions and quotes. If it can be done, we can do it!   


We work for the customer with diligence and attention to their requirements, we believe constant communication is part of this process and we are available 24/7.


Our team works to accurately coordinate each phase of the charter, from the initial request to the final offloading of the cargo at destination. We work with all types and sizes of aircraft. A more complete listing with some aircraft specifics can be found here





We monitor and advise on all positioning legs, aircraft departure and arrival times, loading and offloading. During the charter process we will provide real time updates. We make sure that all overflight permits, landing permits, slots, and fuelling arrangements are properly organized. For each flight our team will:


We pay careful attention and monitor weather conditions, holidays, strikes, security issues or other events that can affect a charter flights planned schedule.   In addition to coordinating the aircraft and flight details, we work closely to coordinate the other services that go along with flight, depending on the type of charter these may include:





Extremely Urgent and Time sensitive:


Specialty Cargo:


We are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to personally and accurately answer your questions and requests.